Shazam! (2019) ชาแซม!


Shazam In 1974 in Upstate New York In 1974, a the young Thaddeus Sivana is riding in a car along with his father and brother in the midst of a snowstorm, when he’s immediately taken to the Rock of Eternity the mystic temple in a different dimension. After the Seven Deadly Sins were released by the previous champion, the ancient wizard Shazam has spent a great deal of time looking for someone honest enough to grant him the power and fame as a champion. Thaddeus is lured by the Eye of Sin, through which he hears the voice of the Sins trapped in statues of stone that promise that he will be able to conquer them if he decides to be able to free the sins. The wizard proclaims Thaddeus unworthy of being returned to him via magic. His family members, including his abusive father and brother, refuse to believe him. A car crash leaves his father paralyzed from waist to toe, and his brother and him being blamed by Thaddeus. The Sins send Thaddeus an email via an 8-Ball toy telling him to find them.

In present-day Philadelphia, 14-year-old foster child Billy Batson continually wanders off from foster homes in search of his mother of birth, from whom he was separated while attending a carnival ten years ago. He has some police officers locked in a store and makes use of their computers to search for his mother, however, he fails. He is placed in a group home run by Victor and Rosa Vasquez, with five other foster children: Mary Bromfield, Pedro Pena, Eugene Choi, Darla Dudley, and superhero enthusiast title=”Captain Marvel Jr.”>Freddy Freeman. Based on the numerous accounts of similar incidents, Sivana becomes more determined to return to the Rock of Eternity. He creates the seven symbols on a front door. He is able to steal the Eye of Sin, becoming the Sins vessel, defeats the wizard, and uses his newfound power to kill his father and brother as well as Sivana Industries’ board of directors.

In school, Billy defends Freddy from bullies and is chased into the subway, which takes him to the Rock of Eternity. The wizard picks Billy to be his new champion. By calling him “Shazam”, Billy is transformed into an adult superhero. The wizard is sucked away and then leaves behind his magic staff. At home, Freddy is taken into Billy’s confidence and helps him explore his newfound powers, which include super strength and speed, near-invulnerability, and electricity manipulation. By saying “Shazam” and again, he can transform back into his normal self. Freddy uploads viral videos about the new superhero. Billy begins skipping school to use his powers to make a living for fame and money, which strains his relationship with Freddy. When Billy accidentally causes harm and saves a crowd of people on a bus, Sivana confronts him, demanding that he relinquish his powers. Billy realizes that he is able to fly and escape. His foster siblings, as well as his siblings siblings, discover that he’s a superhero and assist him in searching for his mother who is living close by. Billy runs to her to meet him, but is dismayed to discover that she’s left him due to her inability to take on the responsibility of raising him as a single mother. She is also not keen on having to have him in her life.

Sivana discovers the identity of Billy and takes his foster siblings hostage. Billy accepts to transfer his powers to Sivana in exchange for their protection. They head to the Rock of Eternity to use the staff of a wizard to make the transfer, but the children take the lead and attack Sivana. Billy notices that Sivana is vulnerable after the seven Sins are gone from his body. Sivana is accompanied by them to a winter fair and unleashes the Sins upon the audience. In keeping with the words of the wizard, Billy employs his staff to aid his children transform into adult superheroes. The staff is broken and he and his siblings fight the Sins as Billy faces Sivana. In luring out the ultimate Sin, Envy, Billy causes Sivana vulnerable and yanks the Eye of Sin out of his head, and re-capture the Sins.

Billy and his brothers are heros. They return the Eye as well as the Sins to their prison and discover that they can make use of the Rock of Eternity as their superhero base. Billy finally accepts his foster parents and siblings as his “real” family. Freddy is shocked to learn that Billy has been invited by Superman for lunch at school in his superhero outfit.

A scene in which Sivana is confined to a cell is interrupted by a talkative caterpillar , who offers an alliance.