Little Boy (2015) มหัศจรรย์ พลังฝันบันลือโลก

Little Boy Pepper Flynt Busbee, 8 years old, is from O’Hare in California. His father James is close with Pepper. He is holding his infant in his arms, and starts to notice how small he appears. When Pepper is asked by a doctor if he has dwarfism, the doctor tells the boy, “For now, Pepper let’s say that you’re a “little boy”,” this expression would be the name that Pepper would adopt as his nickname. Pepper would eventually learn to hate the words and be irritated when someone pointed out his name.

However, when World War II starts, Pepper’s brother is declared unfit for military service because of flat feet and their father is drafted in his place and it is a huge blow to Pepper. [66. Just after his father leaves for the war, Pepper hears the Bible verse “Truly I tell you, when you’ve got faith just as small as a mustard seed then you can tell this mountain, ‘Go from here to there’ and it will move” (Matthew 17:20) Pepper is then determined to get enough faith to get his father home. But, as his best mentor and friend Father Oliver tells him, faith is useless to anyone who is averse to. Father Oliver advises Pepper to befriend an Japanese man called Hashimoto.

At first it was the anti-Japanese sentiment Pepper has internalized that has now become common in his culture is what makes him reluctant to follow this suggestion, but as he gets to meet Hashimoto and Hashimoto, he starts to value their friendship , and learns from Hashimoto to take on the people who bully him because of his size. Father Oliver provided Pepper a list of tasks to complete. Pepper’s father is missing in the action and her mother Emily Watson struggles to keep her family together despite the extreme hardships. London and his brother and Sam one of the townspeople who lost a son, visit Hashimoto’s home and attack him one evening which leads to him being taken to the hospital. London is initially detained, however, Hashimoto decides not to pursue charges and releases him. Little Boy HD

An Army representative brings the news that Pepper’s father was killed and is interred in the Philippines. Hashimoto attends the memorial service at the O’Hare Cemetery to pay his respects to his. Pepper and Hashimoto talk about their losses together and believe in something. Pepper returns to the cemetery to see his father’s grave, and then place the list on top of his grave marker. Pepper and his mother go to the town physician; Dr. Fox tries to hit on her and invite himself into the home in the evening, under the pretense of talking about the possible root of Pepper’s small stature.

In the next day later that day, a spokesperson from the Army arrives to inform her that her husband did not actually die. The man that actually died had stolen Pepper’s father’s boots, with his dog tags attached to the laces. the fell upon being shot which led to him being misidentified as the father of Pepper. The family leaves town for a visit to James in the hospital. Pepper gives his boots, which James was eyeing for some time. They are the ones Pepper purchased for him when his deployment to battle. After arriving, they find that James has suffered from mild amnesia as a result of an injury to the head. Pepper introduces James as his “partner” and hands him the gift. James holds the boots, and then touches the faces of Pepper and his family. They all kneel around his chair and share a group hug, before driving him back to O’Hare.