Vigilante Eddie Marino (Robert Forster) is a factory worker in New York City. Vickie ( Rutanya) is his wife, as is Scott ( Dante Joseph). Eddie’s best friend, Nick ( Fred Williamson) is a member of the created a secret vigilante squad with two of his co-workers, Burke, and Ramon. They are enraged with the crime that is happening within their community. Because the police don’t provide protection to any person, Nick and his group also get tired of the police. Nick’s “group” is backed by many residents in the area, indirectly helps them. One example is when local thugs chase down an unidentified young woman and drags her to the roof of an apartment building. The thug then steals and kills her. An old lady who witnesses the thug’s actions does not report it to police officers, however she she points to Nick and his friends the next day. Nick and his buddies forcefully take the thug off of the streets and put him inside their van, and drive away. Later, the thug is found dead on a vacant lot with his legs and arms broken and his head smashed into.

One evening, Eddie returns home from work to find that Vickie was attacked, and Scott has been shot dead during the course of a home invasion which was in retaliation for Vickie aiding an attendant at a gas station who was assaulted earlier. Frederico “Rico” Melendez ( Willie Colon) who is the member of a street gang from Puerto Rico, has been arrested. Because New York doesn’t have the death penalty, the Assistant District Attorney Mary Fletcher ( Carol Lynley) will seek for a lengthy sentence in jail. Nick tries convincing Eddie to join the vigilante society but Eddie is unable to accept Nick’s offer and would rather let the courts deal with Rico. Rico gets released from jail after Prago (Don Blakely) his right-hand man is bribed by Judge Sinclair (Vincent Beck) and Eisenburg ( Joe Spinell) the attorney for Rico. Furious, Eddie attacks the judge and is sentenced to 30 days in prison.

The vigilantes follow Eddie into his cell where he is in jail. After robbing an uninvolved drug dealer ( Frank Pesce) and torturing his source, they are led to an official in the New York mayor’s office. Eddie makes friends with Rake ( Woody Strade) while in prison , and he helps save his friend from sexual assault in the showers. As soon as Eddie is released from prison He joins the vigilante group so it can locate and kill Rico, Prago, and Judge Sinclair. Eddie, Nick, Burke and Ramon confront Rico in his shady apartment in which Rico refuses to admit that Eddie killed his son, and claims that it was Prago. Incredibly unmoved, Eddie shoots Rico dead. Rico’s girlfriend is attempting to kill him but Rico escapes by taking his own life. Burke is wounded instead and Nick shoots her in self defense. When Rico’s death is announced, Prago takes over command of the gang. He mistakenly thinks dirty cops killed Rico. Prago and his gang assault an officer’s car, and kill both police officers. Vigilante HD

Vickie is released from hospital, but refuses to go home to Eddie and she leaves Eddie, not able to stay in the same house that their son was murdered. Eddie decides to go away as well, dissatisfied with himself over killing an individual and worried that the gang will follow him after him. Nick fails to persuade Eddie to fight. When Eddie departs Brooklyn He recognizes Prago and follows him on foot. Prago soon spots Eddie and they shoot at each other. Prago is able to steal an automobile, and Eddie is the one to take it. Both cars collide at the dockyard in the local area. Eddie pursues Prago by foot once more, then confronts him on the top of a storage tower. Prago, madistic and insane to the end, admits to killing Scott and demands Eddie kill him. Eddie then throws Prago off the tower , and the latter is killed. Then, Eddie plants a bomb inside the car of Judge Sinclair and watches from a distance as the bomb explodes and kills Sinclair. The film concludes as Eddie goes off to an unidentified destination.